There are a total of 9 amazing modules. The skeleton covers all the essential scope of ensuring smooth and seamless business operations right from the start. By linking one feature to another, DynaMod answers the needs of businesses from various industries and empowers them with greater efficiency and productivity.

  1. Common Module
  2. Promotion Module
  3. Member Module
  4. Inventory Module
  5. Supplier Module
  6. Customer Module
  7. Utility Module
  8. Business Intelligence Module
  9. Accounting Module


Our greater focus in making DynaMod work harder & faster, offering a fleet of more than 300 features to meet the growing business challenges

  1. Easy daily management across all branches
  2. Matrix functions and templates for easy stock checks and orders
  3. POS settings simulation as a test-run prior to enabling it to live
  4. Centralised voucher management : voucher config, issue and redeem
  5. Supervise outlets connection that so outlets downtime are minimized
  6. Sales figures are updated in real-time
  7. Clone various POS terminal setting that minimises set-up time
  8. Purchase plans that contain all information such as supplier master list, quotations, PO requisition and so on
  9. Promotion plans are viewable a calendar-like format
  10. Profit estimator that promotes faster decision making