Modern. Trendy. Colourful. Touch-enabled Interface. These are just four of the many words to describe the amazingly captivating DynaMod interface. It is designed to be extremely pleasing to the eye, and, it works beautifully with a range of awesome features.

  • 10x faster navigation – Great features are incorporated to support popular user functions such as Most Visited, Recently Closed, Bookmark and Favourites.
  • 10x faster search – Enjoy effortless search with Column Filtering, Advanced Filtering, Column Grouping, Column Showing Options and Search Anywhere (where you can execute a search by pressing CTRL+F).


A capable legion ever ready to integrate with other types of solutions and apps, including third-party vendors or popular engines such as SAP, AccPAc, UBS & more.

  • Loyalty programme integration – Providing a seamless integration is imperative and this is highly evident as DynaMod can integrate with INCARD effortlessly and easily.
  • Streamlining tenant management – Within a mall setting, DynaMod can export figures from individual outlets/tenants and streamline it for malls of all sizes. Our system has the ability to work harmoniously with malls’ ERP solutions.