Position with steep framework, board modules & hub to interlink, DynaMod take into series of synergistic and advanced technologies to deliver :

  • Faster processing power for both input and output, regardless of number of users logged in
  • Outstanding user experience with touchscreen capability and streamlined navigation flow
  • Online syncing ability with minimal deployment via one single socket component
  • Data analysis ready


DynaMod incorporates the breakthrough Duo-Working Modes: Online or Offline; which means that your business continues to run and save pertinent information, uninterrupted. Here’s how DynaMod system intelligence works:

  • With the online mode, a user can access system even he is away from the headquarters (HQ). All data is processed and synced in real time to the HQ’s server
  • Assume an interruption of Internet connectivity or downtime, DynaMod then switched to offline mode
  • However, user continue to use the system without experience any downtime. Data entries will be stored in the local PC and synced when connectivity is up and running again